Soccer Season is Over – Swim Team is Next

It is the end of another soccer season with VSA. All in all it was a great season – my oldest was on the same team with the same coach as last season with only a few different players.  They played great and they all received their trophies yesterday at Kulyo’s frozen yogurt place in Dominion Valley. He will be registered

My son proudly holds his trophy.

My son proudly holds his trophy.

to play again in the Fall for his third season. The divide up the teams next season so it will be all new players and coaches for him.  My

youngest has opted for Grizzlies Flag Football next season – that should be interesting. Today he is going to get his soccer trophy and a special certificate made by the coaches at one of the player’s homes in the beautiful Saranac community. It is a great day for a cookout and way to kick off the summer and into the next sport….swim team!

Both boys are signed up at Bridlewood – my oldest made the swim team “BridleWaves”. My youngest will do the “guppies” program since the size of the pool scared him when faced with the fact that he had to swim the whole length without a break. He is only 5 so the guppies program will give him the confidence he needs. SwimKids prepared them both a bit already so they are comfortable in the water, but need to learn more than doggy-style and swimming under water!  Since this is the only sport that can really save a child’s life it is my favorite! Although when we have to wake up at 5 a.m. for 6 a.m. swim meets I am not sure I will be feeling that same love of swimming!  It all keeps us busy,active and making new friends all the time. Happy Summer Everyone!

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